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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 28, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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unafraid. >> shepard: attempting to head off a disaster in the gulf of mexico. tonight, fighting oil with fire. plus, the global reality of terrorists. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. their targets are innocent civilians. their motives are intolerance and hatred. and all across the planet, they continue their every involving campaigns of death. tonight, new intelligence agency figures reveal the truth about terrorism, including where it is actually the worst. plus, out of options on the gulf coast. with the oil slick headed towards shore, officials are taking drastic action. tonight, igniting an inferno at sea. and word came in here just about
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an hour ago that the u.s. coast guard confirms teams have actually started lighting patches of that oil spill on fire to keep the oil from reaching shore. this all started when a drilling platform exploded and then sank in the gulf last week, leaving an open well spewing oil deep below the water's surface. at last check, the enormous oil slick that well created was just 16 miles from venice, louisiana. if crews cannot stop it from reaching the coast line, the consequences could be disastrous for people who depend on the area to make their living and for the hundreds of species of animals that call the coast home. so now with all other plans failing, teams are setting fire to sections of that 100-mile long oil slick. the process is time consuming. first, work boats set off a fire resistant boom that's about 500 feet long. then they drag it across the water to collect a few thousand gallons of the thickest oil on the surface. next, they toe that oil to a more remote area away from the
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main slick and finally they set it on fire. reportedly using hand held flares. each burn is supposed to last about an hour. an expert who has done all of this before explained earlier on "studio b" the technique works really well. >> burning oil is an incredibly effective way of removing it from the surface of the water. what you have left typically would be a very, very hard tar-like substance, not goy at all but very, very hard. some of it might, in fact, sink. but even the residue that's left floating can actually be recovered from the surface of the water. >> shepard: he says it's even safe for wildlife. and teams can put out the fire at any time by releasing the boom and letting the oil just spread over across the surface of the water. now, to get it done before this oil hits the shore. we have team fox coverage tonight. rick reichmuth on weather issues. first kris gutierrez live in venice, louisiana, the closest points to that oil slick.
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chris, show us what's going on behind threw. >> you bet, shepard. can you see crews are working hard to lower more of this boom on to this vessel to take it out to sea. this boom it's orange in color. you see it here. it's a floating barrier. they line the shoreline with this to protect the shore from that oil. i'm told roughly 100,000 feet of this boom already lines the coast from louisiana down to alabama and these guys are working extremely hard to get this boom out there before night fall, shep. >> shepard: they were originally starting to start this boom this morning but there were hang ups? >> we should point out that burn is happening about 50 miles off the shoreline here. so we can't actually see what's going on. earlier today they identified a place that they said was safe. not only for those doing the burn but also the guys you see here behind me that are working hard to protect the shoreline. but then they decided to move that area. we should point out, you know, this control burn of this size and this scope has never been attempted in the u.s. before and we won't know the results of the control burn until at least tomorrow, shep.
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>> shepard: does the burn cause any concerns for air quality or is that not an issue? >> no, no. you bet it is. in fact, there are federal laws in place to make sure that they are constantly assessing the air pollution while they are doing that burn. in fact, if it gets too high, they will have to stop the burn all together, shep. >> shepard: kris gutierrez along the coast in louisiana. thanks. the wind and water current playing a big part in what will happen with that oil slick. team fox coverage continues in the fox extreme weather center with our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. the weather has been helpful but it doesn't look like it's going to continue. >> that is about to change. wind has been out from the north. pushing oil away from the land. that's changing right now. things have been calm, at least today. high pressure kind of centered right over the area. tomorrow, this begins to shift up towards the east and high pressure has a clockwise circulation around it that will start to allow the winds to move in from the south, shepard that pushes that oil, that surface water in towards the coastal areas. this situation, this kind of set-up is looking like it's
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going to be with us probably at least through sunday with winds maybe up to about 25 miles an hour. potentially seeing this thing with us maybe until monday or tuesday, shepard. that's certainly not good news in this situation. >> shepard: no. it really isn't. rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. the middle east is not ground zero for terrorism any longer. that's the new word from the national counter terrorism center. a brand new report indicates most of the world actually saw a drop in attacks last year. but violence is on the rise in afghanistan and pakistan. and south asia is now more dangerous than the middle east, when it comes to terror. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here. afghanistan saw the most terror attacks. but officials say they are more concerned really now about pakistan. why is that? >> yeah, shep. it's all about friends and control. first the trends. in 2008, there were some 1800 terror attacks against civilians in pakistan. in 2009, that increased to 1900. and they became more deadly.
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deaths and injuries from those attacks were up to 8600. that's a 30% jump from 2008. on top of that, no u.s. boots on the ground in pakistan. the navy advises there are no u.s. troops and pakistani forces, much as they have improved, are simply not as determined or effective against extremeists in pakistan. >> shepard: indication that u.s. officials have serious concerns about other south asian countries? >> yes. this is very interesting, shep. there is increasing concern about india. obviously we have seen major terror attacks on the indian soil. the attacks in mumbai in november 2008. the most obvious of those. also attacks against indian interests elsewhere. against the interest in kabul. there is concern with terrorism. in india there is concern about indian interest. there there is also growing concern about how india might react if a link to pakistan among those terror attacks was
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ever drawn given that both pakistan and nuclear armed action. >> shepard: what about other hot spots. >> obvious one yemen we heard about recently the attempted attack against the british ambassador there anwar al-awlaki the american born cleric who has been linked to the fort hood shooting and the christmas day attempted bombing over detroit. you go across the gulf of aden to the horn of africa, also great concern about al qaeda's increasing presence in somalia. so the bottom line, shep, is that the global reach of terrorism remains as strong as ever. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live with us tonight. jonathan, thank you. now to a memorial for america's fallen soldiers. it's a big white cross, veterans built it on government land way back when. but the public land is now in private hands. so should the cross be forced to come down? we'll report as the supreme court decides. and florida's governor has apparently made up his mind now. charlie crist about to reveal whether he will be in the battle and on the ballot as a
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>> shepard: fox news is high profile senate race. we are told that announcement will become official tomorrow. for weeks political analysts have speculated over the possible change. polls indicate the governor, charlie crist is trailing the republican challenger marco rubio who just collected endorsements from rudy giuliani, mitt romney and the former vice president dick cheney. governor crist has repeatedly said he would run only as a republican. did so on "fox news sunday" just a few weeks ago. but now it looks as if he will break his ties with the republican party during an already heated race. carl cameron is live tonight saint pete.
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crist trails rubio in the polls but it is a different story in a three way race. >> absolutely. shep. tomorrow in this very park at 5:00, charlie crist will say that he is leaving the republican party to run as independent for the u.s. senate seat. he governed as a moderate and cultivated a reputation as a political centrist. he famously hugged president obama and accepted the administration's stimulus money. and that really hurt him with the kind of conservative voters who decide republican primaries. so, it was an obvious choice for him politically. when you look at a three-way race. now there is incentive for charlie crist to run as independent. in fact, it's essentially a three way statistical tie. with a state as diverse as florida, crist is counting on his ability to court moderate and independent voters, swing voters in both parties and those who are essentially ticked off and turned off by the two-parties themselves. shep? >> shepard: i guess those numbers tell just about the whole story of why he changed his mind. >> well, it is now going to get increasingly nasty and what is
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effectively a three way race for the election. the governor of florida has stripped any reference to charlie crist from its web page. we are already getting criticism from republican senators such as jim demint in washington attacking crist's principles. but as an independent, crist can look to a whole new coalition of voters. and there is a subtext to this that is rather delicate but politically, he is now the only white guy in a three-way race. kendrick meek the four term congressman from florida, who is running -- who will essentially be the democratic nominee, an african-american, and marco rubio is cuban-american. in awful these ways charlie crist's calculation on paper is the smart political move. tomorrow he will try to explain it and then a whole new campaign begins. he will need new political staff, new advisors, and new money. in the last few years, races for senate in florida have cost as much as $16 million. crist will have to find that kind of money to be competitive in a three way race. he may look to his wife who has
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a great deal of wealth. he has been on the phone to donors last few hours already asking them to continue to support him as an independent starting tomorrow. shep? >> shepard: should be a big one. carl cameron in saint pete tonight. white cross that stands five feet tall deep in the heart of a desert in california. the cross honors soldiers who died in world war i. veterans built it and put it there. today, after 75 years, the nation's highest court ruled it can stay there. the cross stands in the mohave national preserve. lower courts rule that keeping the religious symbol on public land was unconstitutional. it had been covered with plywood for the past several years following the rulings. but, in a 5 to 4 ruling now, the supreme court justices decided the federal courts went too far. but another battle may be looming. you see, the government transferred the remote piece of land to a private owner. today, the supreme court sent the case back to a lower court to determine whether that move was legal. first, it was sudden
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acceleration. now toyota is having the exact opposite problem with some of its vehicles. the japanese automaker recalling 50,000 of them due town expected slowing. the recall effects 2003 year model toyota sequoias. the company reports the problem involved the suv's electronic stability control system which maintains traction during turning. toyota claims the system can kick in at low speeds thus preventing the driver from accelerating as quickly as he or she might like it. fixed the problem midway through the model year and it's already repaired about half of the affected vehicles. toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles all totaled worldwide since just last fall. pope benedict the xvith may apologize for the church's handling of sexual abuse cases. that's what the cardinal in charge of those cases is now reporting. he tells the public broadcasting service that the pope may offer the apology when priests from around the world visit the vatican in june. some the victims claim the pope didn't do nearly enough to
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punish pedophile priest when he was a cardinal. he has expressed sorrow and shame over the abuse and promised to take steps to protect children. but he has not admitted that he or the church did anything wrong. there is new fall-out tonight from arizona's new immigration law. you know how legislators recently made it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in that state. in fact, it's more complicated than that they are now allowing police officers to check anyone who seems suspect. well, a major american city is now offering arizona a taste of its own medicine. details just ahead. plus, we know ambien can put to you sleep. can it also make you issue a bomb threat on a jet airliner going from europe to the united states? tonight, the story of the sleeping pill excuse. it's coming up.
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>> shepard: there is a renewed focus tonight on border security in the wake of arizona's controversial new immigration law. 17 members of congress are now calling for president obama to bring in the national guard in response to what they describe as growing violence along the border. in a letter to the president, the group writes. the republicans urged the president to deploy the national guard to the u.s.-mexico border, adding that the troops should be armed and allowed to defend themselves if fired upon or attacked. the renewed focus on this issue comes after arizona passed a strict new law that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being there illegally. the law has provoked strong reaction across the country. including in san francisco where claudia cowan reports tonight claudia the city has started a boycott of sorts of arizona. how is that working?
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>> well, shepard, here is how it starts. the mayor has banned all nonessential travel to arizona for city employees. and the board of supervisors has taken the first step toward an economic boycott. it's a rest lewis started by david campos calling for no city contracts and no purchasing with arizona-based businesses while this controversial law is in effect. >> respect the people of the state of arizona but we believe that their leadership is misguided on this issue. >> the board will vote on this resolution on tuesday. and it is expected to pass. by the way, shepard, similar sanctions have also been proposed by city leaders in saint paul in los angeles as well as up in sacramento on statewide level. >> shepard: of course not everybody feels this wait a minute two sides this issue. many folks are opposed to the boycotts in a big way. >> that's right. in fact, local business groups, for instance, san francisco's restaurant association are very concerned about a backlash boycott of sorts. they worry that if arizona and other conservative areas
7:22 pm
retaliate and refuse to send their conventions and their clients to san francisco, it could cause economic damage that this city does not need. >> shepard: claudia cowan live in our san francisco newsroom. claudia, thanks. we have new details about the bomb threat that diverted a transcontinental jet last night. the suspect, i should say trans-atlantic. the suspect apparently suggested ambien made him do it. and a lot of ambien. according to an fbi affidavit, a passenger on board the flight from paris to atlanta said he had dynamite in his laptop and in his boots. the jet took a detour to bangor maine. the crew alerted air marshals who got the guy to the back of the plane and built this sort of makeshift bunker with blankets and pillows to try to asosh any blast that might happen. there was no blast. and investigators say they found no explosives on board. still, some scary moments for other passengers. >> i just saw the lights come on
7:23 pm
for 3 a minutes bright. i thought this is strange for 35 minutes lights are on. i saw the tenseness in the faces of the flight attendants, actually. >> the pilot did let us know after everything was contained. he said everything is safe. everything is contained. about 30 minutes after it happened, he said there was a security breach but everything was fine shep shep a lot of scary moments before that a suspect also passed a note to a flight attendant that read: the suspect is derrick stance berry, a former air force intelligence specialist. his father says he is shocked and says his son leads a squeaky clean life. >> i think something happened and somebody reacted and everybody played safe. and that's the best way to do it. hopefully it's a simple misunderstanding. and he gets to come home and everything is forgiven. >> shepard: well, according to the fbi, stance berry told an
7:24 pm
air marshal that he had taken eight ambien pills before that flight. eight of them. later he told agents on the ground he had only taken one. president obama has blasted republican senators for blocking the democrats' financial overhaul bill over and over and over again. but tonight, something just changed the minds of republicans. we have brand new developments just ahead. plus, a woman comes home to find her place in ruins. and learns it's all because somebody demolished the wrong house. are you kidding me? this story as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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>> shepard: just when you thought spring had sprung 2 feet of snow across parts of the northeast. it's our top story on a fox trip across america. >> vermont. windsor leaves -- winter leaves a cold wet parting gift. snowfall at the burlington international airport. that snow forcing officials to cancel school and leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power in three states. michigan. a fire engulfs a three story apartment building and it covered the entire place. it broke out in farmington hills about 30 minutes north of detroit. according to initial reports, a fire started in a furnace room. texas. a denton woman loses her house after a demolition crew somehow gets the wrong address. >> i don't think that we will be able to rebuild it because it is
7:29 pm
kind of off its foundation. so, i don't think it is fixable. >> shepard: crews were supposed to tear down a house across the street. the stunned homeowner says the property s. has been in her property for nearly five decades . the annual fly invasion begins in lake winnebago. the blizzard of bugs coming about two weeks earlier than usual. residents say it hasn't been this bad in a long time. >> yesterday, there were just clouds of lake flies like i haven't seen since, you know, 25, 30 years ago. >> shepard: we're told the lake flies don't bite and usually clear out after about two weeks. and now they are part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the united states senate has now agreed to begin debate on a bill to increase regulations on wall street.
7:30 pm
republicans blocked that measure on three different occasions over the past couple of days. but they ended the stall tactics tonight after party leaders claimed democrats assured of them they will be able to make changes to the legislation. rich edison of the fox business network is live in washington tonight. rich, what sort of changes are we talking about here? >> well, mostly specifics on what the government would do if a large financial firm is on the brink of failure again, think a.i.g. from a few years ago here. senate republican aids say they expect democrats to include a provision requiring congressional approval if taxpayers need to extend a loan to help break apart a failed financial giant as well as restrictions on emergency loans the government can make to banks and a provision wiping out shareholders if one of these large financial companies goes under, shep. >> shepard: but, you know, republican leaders make it perfectly clear there is still significant disagreement over this measure. >> absolutely. democrats and republicans at odds how to regulate derivatives, side bets that can provide valuable insurance to
7:31 pm
businesses and that also grew into risky investments, making the financial crisis much worse. senators also disagree on how to create a new government agency designed to watch over businesses and prevent them from misleading their customers when selling them financial products. there are those arguments. and others. and the senate is going to try to work through those in the coming weeks. >> shepard: rich edison tonight on capitol hill. thanks. the federal reserve held steady today. target for key interest rate at a record low near zero percent. the fed funds rate they call it the banks charge each other for overnight loans. influences the prime rate which banks use to decide how much interest to charge you for your loans. the fed chairman ben bernanke and the rest of the board voted that the economy is still strengthening with an improving job market which is helping to boost consumer spending but the fed also reports that high unemployment, lower home prices and tight credit continue to slow this recovery. as a result, the fed renews its pledge to keep rates low for what it calls an extended period of time.
7:32 pm
economic policymakers here in the u.s. are keeping an acareful watch on europe where fears are spreading about the enormous debt load that governments there are shouldering. the crisis worsened again today as standard and poor's downgraded the credit rating of spain. this comes a day after s&p downgraded greece and portugal. but analysts say spain's situation is especially worrisome since its economy is so much larger than that of greece or portugal. many economists say they believe spain may be too big to bail out. even if its risk on defaulting on its debt is very high. we already know greece is getting a bailout both the international monetary fund of when which the u.s. is a member and union. the eu is quite concerned because problems such as this tend to drive down the value of a country's currency. in this case, of course, it's a shared currency, the euro. am lists say it could make it more costly for european countries to borrow money which could lead to more economic
7:33 pm
problems down the road. take a look at countries dealing with the largest share of the debt. nations in red are places where the debt is equal to or higher than the entire value of the economy there. the equivalent of you having a higher balance on your credit card, than do you in your savings account. the countries in dark orange are not far behind. for reference, the united states was on this map. if it were, it would be dark orange. the size of our debt is 92% of our entire economic output. winds of change could soon blow in the waters off massachusetts. the obama administration has just approved the nation's first offshore wind farm for a spot just off cape cod. >> it will be the first of many projects up and down the atlantic coast, which i expect will come online in the years ahead as we build a new energy future for our country. >> shepard: plenty of other countries already have wind farms. the one planned for massachusetts is to include 130 turbines. we're told those turbines could eventually supply three quarters of the power on cape cod.
7:34 pm
that is, if it ever actually happens. because the controversial over the location of this project has already dragged on for nearly a decade. and even though the interior secretary has now approved it, it does not mean this fight is over. molly line is our new england correspondent live tonight in our boston newsroom. molly, opponents are threatening to sue to stop this. >> that's right. they have spent nine years fighting this project and they say they are not done yet. there are a couple of native american tribes that have expressed concern that the project will interrupt their cultural heritage, their religion and their rituals. the tribe has said they will be putting forth an injunctive relief. they will be seeking anything they can to stop this. also the alliance to protect nantucket sound another organization that say they have a group of stakeholders that are pulling together and they plan to immediately file suit as well. shep? >> shepard: worth noting the late democratic senator ted kennedy strongly opposed this project and so does his republican successor. >> yeah. this is an issue that did not divide along party lines.
7:35 pm
senator kennedy opposed this project. cape wind would have been within sight of the kennedy compound in hyannis port. scott brown also is opposed to this project saying it would interrupt everything from tourism to the fishing industry to land and sea navigation. on the other hand, the government, devol patrick has been very much for the project. standing by ken sal zer saying this would be good for the economy, good for energy here in massachusetts. shep? >> shepard: setting aside any possible lawsuits for the moment, how long would it actually take to build this wind farm? >> well, cape wind says they are hoping to begin construction by the end of this year and they hope to be putting out energy by 2012. they say that ultimately they hope to produce enough to provide 75% of the energy needed for the cape cod and the islands. shep? >> shepard: molly line in boston tonight. molly, thanks. the single monster tornado blamed for killing 10 people across the state of mississippi over the weekend tore up more ground than all but three twisters in that state's
7:36 pm
recorded history. the national weather service reports today that the tornado traveled nearly 150 miles on the ground from tallulah, louisiana to oktibbeha county in mississippi. here are the facts. 1.75 miles wide. that's a state record. it's the ninth deadliest tornado recorded in mississippi in more than a century. it's also the deadliest in the entire united states in more than two years. emergency officials say they are still working to assess all the devastation. and right now they tell us some 700 homes are damaged or destroyed across the magnolia state. the governor there, haley barbour calls it the states' worse storm of any kind since hurricane katrina. he has asked president obama to declare yazoo disaster areas. >> you can find your way to the airport using the global positioning system, right? so why can't air traffic controllers help pilots find their way with g.p.s.? the push to make that happen and help you, that's next.
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>> shepard: we are getting late word tonight that military prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty in the case of a fort hood shooting. the attorney for the suspect there, major nidal hasan says he got a notice from prosecutors outlining what's called an aggravating factor in this case that more than one person was killed in the incident. many more. law experts say that's a necessary step for the military to seek capital punishment. major nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people and injuring dozens more in a shooting rampage at the army post on november the 5th of last year. they are accused of of opening fire u.s. navy ships off the coast of africa. two groups suspected somali pirates face a judge in an american court. they could add, i'm spending, the rest of their american lives in american prison. catherine, what happened in court? >> shep, just a short time ago, we got some new video from the courthouse in norfolk.
7:41 pm
what you see is the alleged pirates leaving the courthouse after the hearing. but we learned today from court is that none of the men speak english. one entered a plea of guilty. the other ten get two more days to work with interpreters to be sure they understand the charges against them, which include piracy, plundering a vessel, assault with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to use a firearm. the men are being prosecuted in norfolk because the alleged crimes took place against the two navy ships that are based there, shep. >> shepard: all right. so they will keep them in custody pending this trial? >> well, the judge said in court today that he is going to detain them because of the severity of the alleged crimes against them. the fact they speak no english. they have no ties to the community in norfolk, so they are a flight risk. they have no visas to be in the united states. they are simply here to stand trial for the alleged crimes against them. >> and the charges here are really pretty serious. i mean, attacking the u.s. navy doesn't get much worse than that. >> well, it doesn't. a conviction on the piracy
7:42 pm
charge alone could mean life in prison. the men are accused of two attacks. the first was on march 31st on the uss nicholas. the accused were looking for a merchant ship it was dark. it was nighttime. they came on the nicholas, which is a navy fright as you can see. april 10th when the uss ashland fired on one of the pirate ships. it was set on fire. it eventually sank leaving the pirates in the middle of the gulf of aden. sailors went on to save these men. they hauled the six somali men on board and they eventually gave medical treatment, shep before they came here for the u.s. for the prosecution. >> shepard: kind of them. catherine herridge in washington. >> to say the least. >> shepard: good to he sue. thank you. an incident at sea between the united states military and iranian navy. we're now told it happened a week ago in the gulf of oman. pentagon reports unmanned iranian patrol plane flew within a thousand yartsdz of the uss
7:43 pm
eisenhower. half a mile from the u.s. air carrier. we are told the plane flew around the area for 20 minutes and took off. the military says it was an unarmed aircraft and describes the encounter as routine. iran's president is asking for permission to visit the united states next week. a state department spokesman says mahmoud ahmadinejad has applied for a visa to come here. he apparently wants to attend the united nations conference on controlling nuclear weapons. of course, ahmadinejad is in a showdown with thations over his own nuclear program. he, of course, claims it's for peaceful purposes, but the united states and western allies indicate they don't buy it at all. a spokesman says the state department has not yet responded to ahmadinejad's request but that it usually does give visas to foreign leaders who want to visit the united nations, the iranian president was there for last fall's general assembly. word tonight a personal phone call may have been a factor in that deadly mid-air collision of a plane and helicopter over the hudson river over new york and
7:44 pm
new jersey last year. newly released federal report indicates an air traffic controller at a new jersey airport missed a critical pilot error moments before that crash. the report by the national transportation safety board claims that the controller was listening to three conversations at once, including that personal call. and did not hear the pilot of the small plane repeating back the wrong radio frequency. investigators say if the pilots radio was on the wrong frequency, he would not have heard the warnings of another aircraft in his path. nine people died in that crash, including the pilot of the small plane. his two passengers, and six people aboard a tourist helicopter that had just taken off from the new york side of the river. g.p.s. navigation. it's in your car. each on your cell phone. once you use it it's hard to get around without it, isn't it? you think most air traffic control towers would use it to direct planes correctly, right? not so much. but that's all about to change. the federal aviation
7:45 pm
administration is introducing new technology that officials say will revolution nice the way air traffic is monitored. and it could mean you will get to where you are supposed to be going more quickly. brian wilson is live at the f.a.a. technical center in atlantic city, new jersey tonight. not just faster but in theory safer as well? >> yes. both of those are benefits of this program. the first thing you may notice is that you may get from point a to point bamplet little quicker. it's now only up and running in a few communities, philadelphia, louisville, miami, juneau, alaska. they are rolling it out gradually, replacing world war ii radar technology with satellite, based g.p.s. technology. and, according to officials, you may see some benefits pretty soon. >> national implementation nationwide will take place in 2013. but we hope to realize some early benefits that would roll out the system nationwide starting next year in 2011. >> it's entirely conceivable,
7:46 pm
shep, that like a two hour flight could be knocked down to something like an hour 45. those kind of savings are possible. >> 15 minutes is a long time when you are trying to get from here to there. other benefits to this system as well? >> yes, there are because they are going to fly directly from point a to point b using this system, they will save a lot of time. they will save a lot of fuel. they will have a smoother assent and smoother dee dee dee decent. we can only hope they will pass along the savings to the consumer. >> many planes already have these systems installed. >> that's right. u.p.s. flies a lot of planes around the country delivering goods. they have made a heavy investment. a lot of the airlines are starting to line up on this pretty quickly. they see a benefit for it they save money and fuel. so they have a reason to go ahead and sign up and get this equipment in place. and as more and more air stations come up around the country, it really will become very effective very soon. 2013 to have the whole system
7:47 pm
up. all airplanes will have to have it by 2020. >> shepard: brian wilson live tonight. >> shepard: arizona immigration law immigration nationwide. anything the government does it does with your money. so just how much would any reform cost? we'll break it down next. plus, the surprise announcement from oscar winner sandra bullock. and we're not talking about her marital troubles at all. details on the new men in her life. that's ahead. hi. i'm dan hesse, ceo of sprint. we're so confident in the improvements we've made to our network, our phones, our plans, and to customer service that we're offering you this simple guarantee. join us, and if you're not completely happy with sprint within 30 days, we'll give you your money back. pretty simple, huh? [ male announcer ] the spnt free guarantee. learn more at
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>> shepard: it's all your money, and the turmoil over arizona's new immigration law is putting some pressure on washington to act. president obama is urging lawmakers to come up with legislation to address shortcomings in federal law.
7:51 pm
so how much could an immigration overhaul cost you? william la jeunesse is manning our tax calculator tonight. hey, william. >> well, shepard, you know, this is a very different congress than 06 and '07 when republicans ran washington and immigration reform failed. what hasn't changed is america's illegal immigrant population. 40 to 60% do not have a high school diploma. they earn 15 to maybe $30,000 a year landscaping in hotels and restaurants. that's important because those low incomes qualify them for expensive welfare programs like food stamps and medicaid. and refundable tax credits. billions in federal government -- that the federal government hands out to help the poor get by. >> illegal immigrants typically at their wages don't pay anything in the way of taxes. so they are getting back government benefits. one estimate is about for illegal immigrant household in america, every single year they are getting back $19,000 more than they possibly paid n the
7:52 pm
way of taxes. >> that adds up to $90 billion a year, according to the heritage foundation. other economists say it is not that much. once legalized immigrants begin paying fines and back taxes. so how much would comprehensive immigration reform cost you? go to the taxpayer calculator on and you can see how the congressional budget office scored the 2007 bill, which is said to be very similar to this year's proposal. if you earn under $15,000, you will pay about a buck 27. those making 30 to 50,000 will pay about $48. those making 100 to $200,000 will pay about $365. and those top wage earners over 250 k will pay about $3,600. you can also tell us what you think. do you want to pay for immigration reform? so far about 23,000 people have logged on. 8% say yes. 89% say no. now, obviously immigration
7:53 pm
reform is very complicated issue. it is more than dollars and cents. and to those who support it, it's about families and fairness but, shepard, with this deficit, it does come down to numbers to many people. >> shepard: and it's all your money. william la jeunesse lye. william, thanks. growing chaos on the streets of bangkok as antigovernment protesters clash with riot police and now protest leaders say that country is on the brink of civil war. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. thailand, security forces firing live rounds and rubber bullets at protesters taking over parts of bangkok. officials say one soldier died. it's the latest in a seven week stand off between troops and demonstrators. demonstrators who claim the government is illegitimate. government officials say they want to end the stand off peacefully but no one is backing down. egypt. a court convicting more than two dozen suspected military
7:54 pm
assistants of spying for hezbollah and plotting terror attacks. three of them sentenced to life in prison. this is the first time egypt has tried members of hezbollah with which the united states considers a terrorist organization. nepal, on top of the world, a south korean mountain near becoming the first woman to scale the world's 14 highest peeks. the 44-year-old climber waiving the south korean flag as she set forth on top of mount in the hem hem lays. she arrived short on a climb last year. united arab emirates. are a man any debuting hotel prime spot tallest building in dubai. cheapest rooms go for a thousand dollars a night. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: it's been a real roller coaster for sandra
7:55 pm
bullock. first an award for the blind side and then announcement of a divorce. now, something new coming into her life. we will have that for you just ahead of the factor, next. thanks to the new venture card from capital one,
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♪ [ male announcer ] over the past 50 years, toyota has been proud to be a model of quality car making. but recently, the safety of our cars and trucks has come under question. and at toyota, is is something we don't take lightly. that's why we're maki fundamental changes inside our company, to communicate with customers better, and respond to their needs faster. addition, we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. the result? our comprehensive star safety system is now standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ don get us wrong, we know actions speak louder than commercials. but just know, your safety will contito be a top priority
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in any, and all of our decisions. ♪ >> shepard: a divorce and now a new baby for actress sandra bullock. she is on the cover of the latest people magazine holding her 3 and a half old adopted son. the magazine reporting he was born in new orleans and that bullock and her estranged husband jesse james brought him home in january. we're told they wanted to keep it quiet until after the academy awards. of course, days after, sandra bullock won the oscar for best actress. the news broke of her husband's infidelities, she filed for divorce, we're told, just last week. top story update now. the united states coast guard now reports it's overseeing a controlled burn of parts of that massive oil slick just south of louisiana in the gulf. we're told it's the only way to keep the oil from reaching the seashore. and sources tell fox news that tomorrow florida's republican governor charlie crist will
7:59 pm
announce he is bouncing from the g.o.p. to run for the united states senate as an independent. and on this day in the year 1965, more than 22,000 u.s. troops landed in the dominican republic in what president lyndon johnson called an attempt to prevent a communist takeover. after years of political turmoil there a revolution of sorts erupted in the caribbean nation. the folks in the white house were apparently worried it would become another cuba, which, after all, is only about 200 miles from the d.r. critics condemned the operation arguing it was a return to america's gunboat diplomacy. regardless u.s. troops scheduled the violence, delivered badly needed relief supplies and conservative government. boots first hit the ground 45 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, april the 2th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. we're all back tomorrow f


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